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List of Centrifuges Serviced

Tritech services a wide range of centrifuges which many manufacturers no longer support. Below you will find a list of some of the more popular lab centrifuges which we support and maintain.

Tritech can offer planned and emergency service on most centrifuges in your lab and we're happy to respond within 24 to 48 hours. We offer both preventative maintenance and full-service contracts to ensure your instruments are running efficiently and consistently day in, day out.

Since we stock a significant amount of parts for a wide range of centrifuges, your turn around time and costs will be reduced significantly compared to the OEM manufacturer. On average, Tritech can save your lab over 20% on parts and labor.

    Beckman Centrifuges:
    -Beckman Optima TL-100
    -Beckman J6-MI
    -Beckman J21-B
    -Beckman J2-21
    -Beckman Allegra 21 & 21R
    -Beckman Allegra X-22& X-22R
    -Beckman GP, GPR, & GPKR
    -Beckman Avanti J25
    -Beckman Avanti J30I
    -Beckman Avanti J20/J20-XP
    -Beckman Avanti J26XP
    -Beckman Avanti J-E
    -Beckman GS-15
    -Beckman GS-6
    -Beckman L8-80M
    -Beckman L7-55, L7-60, L7-65, L7-70, & L7-75
    -Beckman Allegra 6 & 6R
    -Beckman Allegra X-12 & X-12R
    -Beckman Allegra X-15R
    -Beckman Optima L-70
    -Beckman Optima L-80XP
    -Beckman Optima L-90K
    -Beckman Optima L-60
    -Beckman Optima LE-80
    -Beckman Optima XL Series
    Eppendorf Centrifuges:
    -Eppendorf 5402
    -Eppendorf 5417R
    -Eppendorf 5418 & 5418R
    -Eppendorf 5810R
    IEC Centrifuges:
    -IEC B-22
    -IEC Centra 7
    -IEC Centra 8
    -IEC Centra B-Plus
    -IEC Centra CL2
    -IEC MicroMax
    Jouan Centrifuges:
    -Jouan B4i & BR4i Series
    -Jouan C4i & CR4i Series
    Sorvall Centrifuges:
    -Sorvall RC-3B
    -Sorvall RC-3C
    -Sorvall RC-5B
    -Sorvall RC-5C
    -Sorvall RC-6
    -Sorvall RT Legend
    -Sorvall RT7


We also service several other varieties of laboratory equipment including obsolete equipment like:

Beckman LS 6500 Scintillation Counters
Beckman Spectrophotometers