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Benchmark Scientific BeadBug Microtube Homogenizer for 3 Microtubes

Benchmark Scientific BeadBug Microtube Homogenizer for 3 Microtubes

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    Extremely powerful mixing for lysis, grinding or homogenization

    Benchmark D1030 BeadBug Compact Microtube Homogenizer Product Description

    Benchmark's new BeadBug microtube homogenizer was designed to be a powerful, compact homogenizer for cell disruption and lysis instruments.Within 45 seconds, the BeadBug can simultaneously homogenize up to 3 samples inside the disposable 2mL screw cap microtubes. Thorough cell disruption happens by the BeadBugs optimized mixing motion which creates constant high velocity impacts within the tubes from the microbeads chosen for the specific sample type.

    Benchmark's BeadBug was developed to allow samples deemed to strong for typical lab vortexers to be homogenized. With up to three tube capacity and a foot print of just 7 x 8", the BeadBug is the ideal homogenizing instrument for low to medium throughput laboratories.

    Benchmark's BeadBug features:

    • Extremely powerful mixing for lysis, grinding, or homogenization
    • Faster and more effective than tissue grinders
    • Mix up to 3 microtubes simultaneously
    • Extremely compact at only 7" wide
    • Eliminates the cross contamination associated with hand held homogenizers

    Benchmark BeadBug Microtube Homogenizer Specifications


    3 x 2.0mL (screw cap / non-skirted)

    Speed Range

    2,700 to 4,000 RPM

    Timer Range

    3 sec. to 3 min.

    Dimensions (W x D x H)

    6.9" x 8.3" x 5.3"


    5 lbs.




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