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Labnet Z36HK Super Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, 30,000RPM/65,390 x g

Labnet Z36HK Super Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, 30,000RPM/65,390 x g

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    Z 36 HK Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge
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    The Z36 HK is the culmination of years of experience in centrifuge design, combined with today’s latest technology. With speeds up to 30,000 rpm (65,390 x g) and nine available rotor options, the Z36 HK is the most capable centrifuge in its class.


    The new distinctly modern control panel features a large LCD display. The adjustment knob allows for quick and easy setting of all operating parameters, including speed (rpm or rcf), run time (up to 99 hours), temperature (-20°C - 40°C) and more.

    The new rotor recognition system recognizes the rotor as soon as the centrifuge lid is closed. The rotor number is displayed and all settings are limited to the max specifications of that rotor.

    Product Specifications

    Maximum Speed:

    30,000 rpm

    Maximum rcf:

    65,390 x g

    Maximum Capacity:

    6 x 250ml

    Temperature Range:

    -20 to 40°C


    28 x 16.5 x 20 in.


    200 lbs.

    Acceleration Rates:


    Deceleration Rates:



    30 sec. to 99 hour 99min, cont.

    Noise Level:

    Under 60 dBA


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