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Automatic Laboratory Autoclaves & Compact Infrared Sterilization Equipment

SKU Name Image Price  
B4000-16 Benchmark Scientific BioClave 16 Research Autoclave, 115V, 16 liter Call for Price
B4000-M Benchmark Scientific BioClave Mini Research Autoclave, 115V, 8 liter Call for Price
B4000-P Benchmark Scientific Printer, 115V (For BioClave 16 Only) Call for Price
B40000-PA Benchmark Scientific Paper 2.25"x50 feet, pk. of 3 rolls   Call for Price
B1000 Benchmark Scientific BactiZapper Infrared MicroSterilizer, 115V Call for Price
B1000-01 Benchmark Scientific Loop holder attachment   Call for Price
B1000-03 Benchmark Scientific Slide dryer attachment for 3 slides   Call for Price
B1000-HU Benchmark Scientific Heating Element, US voltage   Call for Price

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