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Lab Rockers for Medium to Large Sized Samples, Rockers for Blot Applications

If your application calls for rocking larger samples, our lab rockers are designed specifically for this purpose. Ideal for staining and washing of fragile gels, our blotting rockers provide gentle circular motion to prevent the foaming of liquids. Each rocker and shaker can support larger samples without being overwhelmed. If you have any questions about our large sample rockers, please give us a call at 1-800-886-7004.

SKU Name Image Price  
S2035 Labnet Deluxe ProBlot Rocker 35, 35.6 x 28cm Single Platform, 160 Tilts/Min. Call for Price
S2035-D Labnet Deluxe ProBlot Rocker 35D w/ 35.6 x 28cm Double Platform Call for Price
BR1000 Benchmark Scientific BenchBlotter Platform Rocker, fixed speed, 12"x12" with flat mat, 115V Call for Price
BR2000 Benchmark Scientific BenchRocker 2D Rocker, variable speed, 14"x12" platform with flat mat, 115V Call for Price
BR5000 Benchmark Scientific Everlast Rocker with flat mat, 115V Call for Price
BR1000-STACK Benchmark Scientific Stacking platform, large 12"x12" with flat mat (2.75" separation) Call for Price
BR2000-STACK Benchmark Scientific Stacking platform, extra large (14"x12") with flat mat (2.75" Clearance) Call for Price
STACK-PLUS Benchmark Scientific Additional platform separators (4 ea.). Adds 1.25" to platform separation   Call for Price
BR2000-FLAT Benchmark Scientific Flat Mat, extra large 14" x 12" Call for Price
BR1000-DIMPLED Benchmark Scientific Dimpled Mat, large 12" x 12" Call for Price
B0718 Benchmark Scientific LaBungee 4 cord bungee cord pack 7" to 18" working size Call for Price

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