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Compact Lab Shakers for Small & Medium Sized Samples & Benchtop Lab Rockers

Find compact lab shakers for labs with minimal available space. Expand vertically with expandable platforms without sacrificing bench space. Depending on your application needs, we offer lab shakers with both fixed and variable speed controls. If you have any questions regarding our compact lab shakers, give us a call at 1-800-886-7004.

SKU Name Image Price  
S2025 Labnet ProBlot Rocker 25 with 26 x 20cm Single Platform, 5-120 Tilts/Min. Call for Price
M2100 Benchmark Scientific TubeRocker Compact Rocker with grooved mat for tubes Call for Price
S2025-XLD Labnet ProBlot Rocker 25XLD with 30 x 30cm Large Double Platform Call for Price
S2025-T Labnet Elastic Tie Downs for ProBlot Rocker 25, Pack of 4   Call for Price
S2025-D Labnet ProBlot 25D with 26 x 20cm Double Platform, 7 Degree Fixed Tilt Range   Call for Price
S2025-XL Labnet ProBlot Rocker 25XL with 30 x 30cm Large Single Platform   Call for Price

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