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General Purpose Clinical & Research Centrifuges for Blood & Urine Samples

Compact centrifuges are typically found in blood banks, veterinary clinics and hospitals throughout the world for their high capacity, compact, low-speed centrifugal capabilities. Our compact centrifuges are designed to accommodate blood draw and urine tubes for blood and urine separation. Tritech offers compact clinical centrifuges with a variety of feature sets including variable speed settings, rotor sensors, and imbalance sensors.

SKU Name Image Price  
C0100-A Labnet Z100A 4,000RPM Compact Centrifuge with 6 x 15ml Rotor, 1,900 x g Call for Price
C0206-A Labnet Z206-A High Capacity Compact Centrifuge w/out Rotor, Max. 6,000RPM Call for Price
C0200-96 Labnet 12 x 15ml Fixed Angle Rotor with Shields, Max. 6,000RPM/4,285 x g Call for Price
C0200-97 Labnet 6 x 50ml Conical/Round Fixed Angle Rotor, Max. 6,000RPM/3,820 x g Call for Price
C0200-18 Labnet 6 x 5ml Swing-out Rotor, Max. 3,500RPM/1,420 x g Call for Price
C0200-1 Labnet 18 x 1.5ml Fixed Angle Rotor, 6,000RPM/2,930 x g, 7.3cm Radius   Call for Price
C0060 Labnet Spectrafuge 6C Compact Research Centrifuge with 6 x 10/15ml Rotor Call for Price

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