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Digital Steam Autoclaves and Infrared Sterilizers from Benchmark

In order to keep certain instruments and consumables sterilized, an autoclave is a great tool that can help the lab area safe and clean. Autoclaves are no longer the large and cumbersome machines of yesterday. Today, many autoclaves are compact, easy to use, and much safer compared to the older high pressure units. We offer a range of Benchmark Scientific autoclaves that are available in different sizes to best meet the needs of your lab. If you need help choosing the right autoclave, give us a call at 1-800-886-7004.

SKU Name Image Price  
B1000 Benchmark Scientific BactiZapper Infrared MicroSterilizer, 115V Call for Price
B4000-16 Benchmark Scientific BioClave 16 Research Autoclave, 115V, 16 liter Call for Price
B4000-M Benchmark Scientific BioClave Mini Research Autoclave, 115V, 8 liter Call for Price
B4000-P Benchmark Scientific Printer, 115V (For BioClave 16 Only) Call for Price
B40000-PA Benchmark Scientific Paper 2.25"x50 feet, pk. of 3 rolls   Call for Price
B1000-01 Benchmark Scientific Loop holder attachment   Call for Price
B1000-03 Benchmark Scientific Slide dryer attachment for 3 slides   Call for Price
B1000-HU Benchmark Scientific Heating Element, US voltage   Call for Price

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