Why Tritech

Posted on by Vero T.

Tritech started as a lab equipment service company in 1987. We never intended to sell lab equipment, but clients valued our knowledge so much, they began asking us for recommendations on new purchases. Solving our customers expansion needs became a way we could deliver on our corporate mission  to help life science researchers meet their goals each and every day. It s been a valuable part of our service to our clients ever since..

President and CEO Mark Circo is our inspiration. As a Field Service Engineer and Account Specialist at Beckman Instruments in New York City and Long Island, and then later in Honolulu, Hawaii, he learned how invaluable equipment maintenance knowledge can be to the smooth running of a life science research lab. It was then that he had the vision to create a company committed to life science research equipment and only life science research equipment. So in 1987, Tritech was born and since then has maintained an incomparable reputation for excellence.

Our focus is our customers. We prioritize personal contact with all our clients to ensure their total satisfaction with our services to them. Our goal is to lead the industry  to be the best trained, most experienced, and most efficient lab instrumentation resource in the U.S. and to provide whatever equipment and services are necessary for lab researchers to reach their goals.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we recently received our ISO 9001:2008 certification. View Certificate of Registration.

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