Beckman Liquid Scintillation Counters No one works on those, they don’t make them any more!


How Many times have you heard a manufacture say these words to you? “It’s Obsolete, you can’t get service for that anymore!

Lately we have heard this reiterated to us by our service customers concerning repair of their Beckman Liquid Scintillation counters. This was a manufacturer that still made a scintillation counter, telling a potential customer they needed to buy a new one from them. New equipment manufacturers need to sell new equipment. Typically they will not assist a customer in finding service for something they would like to sell them a replacement for. In many cases these perfectly serviceable instruments are sent to the scrap heap instead of being repaired. A search of the Internet would have revealed Tritech has the knowledge and the parts to keep these instruments running in top form for many years to come. Considering a replacement unit costs somewhere north of $50,000 it would be prudent to speak with an Independent Service Provider (ISO) ,prior to scraping a perfectly good LS counter. There are many service options across the country. Taking the time to research option rather than taking the advice of a partisan manufacturer could save you big on next years budget.


Mark Circo



Tritech Inc.


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